Health and Safety with Skin Friendly Aftercare

July 09, 2020

Health and Safety with Skin Friendly Aftercare

Health & safety systems are paramount during and after tattooing, laser tattoo removal and cosmetic tattoo procedures…so why risk your home aftercare?

The trained team of chemists that work on our formulations ensure only the finest and safest ingredients are used to ensure that the products have full compliance and contain the highest quality of ingredients.

Aussie Inked products are manufactured in a Australian climate-controlled manufacturing facility which is equipped to ensure that no air borne contamination can enter.

Every production batch is checked and rechecked many times during manufacturing and batch data is kept for tracking.
When complete the bulk is tested for microbiological activity.

It is only after this 7 day test that the product can be filled and then a further 14 days micro testing is needed on the filled product before a “release for sale’ along with efficacy, stability testing to ensure product safety long term.

Aussie Inked products are so much more than just using safe skin-friendly bio-active ingredients, our products are tested and simply put, we don’t use known irritants.
We proactively support the natural function of the skin and never try to force aggressive short-term results at the cost of the skin's equilibrium, sensitivity, or barrier health.
It's all in the balance and our bio-active ingredients are kind to your skin and speak the same language, but from product to skin, it's a collaborative conversation, gentle on sensitised skin but never a command!

Stay safe and say no to:
Drying alcohol
Chemical screens
Synthetic dyes
Mineral Oil
Palm Oil

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