Our must know brow care tips

September 07, 2019

Our top must know cosmetic brow aftercare tips

Yay, you’ve discovered waking up looking amazing couldn’t be easier thanks to your new cosmetic tattooed brows!

In the beginning…Your new brows will appear darker for the first weeks while healing takes place. This can take between 4 to 6 weeks, by which time the true colour of your brows will become evident. A proper healing routine is crucial to the final look of your new brows. Your Brow Artist will normally book you in for a touch up in about 6-8 weeks as your brows will change depending on how well you’ve looked after them. 

Day One
Apply a thin layer (rice grain size) of Tattoo Care over the treated area immediately after the treatment. Always wash your hands before touching your fresh brows.

It’s best to clean your brows twice a day with a mild gentle cleanser in order to prevent the wound from getting dirty and avoid scab formation as a result of fluid build-up. Always gently pat dry with a clean fresh towel or air dry.

Weeping after tattooing is a normal inflammatory response by your body as it tries to close the wound and create a barrier or scab. Our anti-inflammatory ingredients will help reduce this along with offering antibacterial protection.

Apply a fresh grain size layer of Tattoo Care each time after cleaning. Clean brows twice daily from the second day onwards for a week. Our Soothing Foaming Tattoo Wash is designed to gently cleanse and soothe the area without the irritants.

Tattoo Care can be used for all skin types, and thanks to bee wax and other additional active components, it helps to regulate the greasiness of the skin and lock in ink.

  • Do not wear makeup near your brows
  • Avoid shampooing over your brows
  • Do not swim in salt-water or chlorine
  • Do not go into saunas
  • Do not exercise excessively
  • Do not scratch or rub your brows
  • Do not expose them to direct sunlight

What to expect…Swelling and redness is usually minimal and will disappear within 24 hours. You may experience a little tenderness around the area, Tattoo Care will help reduce the discomfort, take away redness, reduce inflammation, reduce weeping and stop itching.

If your brows weep at first, gently clean otherwise a crust or scab will build up and if this dries over it can pull up the pigment with it when it falls off.

Protecting feather strokes and delicate tips 
Feather strokes and tips can be easily damaged over the healing period by scabbing. Avoid excessive scabbing and keep brows hydrated avoiding crusting with Tattoo Care which controls oiliness and locks in pigments.  

Enjoy your beautiful new brows!
If want to keep them looking great remember to avoid products with Retinol, Vitamin A or Glycol Acid or face peel products as they can lighten the pigments.

Tattoo Care is multi-purpose and can be used for skin irritations, sunburn, luscious lips, bites and stings and has a two year plus shelf life. When your brows are healed our 20ml size is perfect is the perfect hand-bag size. You can read all about our ingredients on the Tattoo Care product page. 

Always remember, if you notice your brows continuously looking red, weeping excessively or changing in appearance, as will any tattoo you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. 

If you are interested in trying Tattoo Care for yourself and would like a free sample, just drop us a note with your details. CONTACT US  

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