The myths between "WET V's DRY" Cosmetic / PMU Aftercare healing methods exposed

The myths between "WET V's DRY" Cosmetic / PMU Aftercare healing methods exposed

The question of wet vs. dry healing has been a topic of conversation in the cosmetic tattoo community for some time but no longer is it necessary to risk your work when Aussie Inked has formulated the perfect PMU after care solution.

The “wet” healing method refers to the application of a aftercare product following PMU procedures and this product should be formulated to protect and to aid the rebuilding of the skin cells. The important thing is that the product is well formulated and targeted in treating the area following cosmetic tattoo procedures in the weeks to follow.

We recommend applying a thin layer of a non-comedogenic product, meaning it allows the skin to breathe, very gentle without irritants or allergens as these will adversely affect the already sensitised skin.

Some products are stand-alone antibacterial creams which were designed for other purposes, some just form a bandage over the skin i.e. scar treatments, others contain synthetic ingredients with well known irritants, others have parabens and allergens like lanolin which can make the skin too soft or mushy which can lead to leached pigment, damaging the fine PMU feathering and delicate hair strokes. Other products are simply just not suitable for use on lips, eye liner or suitable for women who are post breast cancer clients that need  nipple tattooing.

The ‘dry’ method means "no aftercare" product and basically “au naturale” which was adopted by Artists that feared the application of the wrong product, one that irritates, suffocates or leaches pigment from the area as explained above, generally products that were not really designed as PMU aftercare.
A well formulated 100% natural and organic purpose made product such as Aussie Inked Cosmetic Tattoo Care will avoid these associated risks.     

The problem with the “dry” method is that its inconsistent with the physiology of skin or how it heals and suggests a misunderstanding of wound healing. Not applying a cosmetic aftercare treatment and neglecting to clean the area will only delay the healing since debris can build up, the wound will become suffocated and potentially infected that will ruin the work. Basically any disruption to the skin over the healing period may cause an undesirable outcome.   

Aussie Inked soothing cosmetic tattoo aftercare has been formulated to protect your work and speed up the healing process. The wet method, hands down is the universal best standard in wound care management and our product helps to protect the outcome with less need for touch ups.

Our product is gentle and contains antibacterial properties, bio-actives, vitamins, skin food and antioxidants, all of which promote the production of collagen, a protein that is essential for the proper healing and regeneration of the damaged tissue, with added ingredients to provide a soothing effect and help stop any itching. This will help to avoid your clients scratching or picking to damage the work.

Aussie Inked Cosmetic Tattoo After Care creates a breathable lock in moisture barrier that helps to protect the pigment from drying out or flaking. Our formula is well balanced with oils that penetrate to hydrate the skin without being too oily which can cause breakouts and it helps to control excess oil production.
Products that just form a bandage and hoping for the best as proposed by the “Dry Healing” method are not at all a well considered wound care management system.

Aussie Inked Cosmetic Tattoo Aftercare serves all purposes and we stand by our method of daily cleansing to prevent bacterial build up, followed by the application of our soothing, hydrating, antibacterial Tattoo Care balm.

Our Active Recovery Micellar Water, Cosmetic Tattoo Cleanser effectively cleans and treats the area, stops itching and flaking, hydrates and gentle enough to leave on the skin.

Without a doubt some products need to be avoided entirely, and we recommend that you always read the ingredients on products before use...even do some googling for yourself. Our ingredients are all listed in our Ingredients Directory.

We recommend you avoid pore-clogging petroleum, runny products that can go into the eyes, artificial perfumes, artificial colours,  parabens, sulphates and SLS all irritants and lanolin (the oil derived from sheep skin) that will cause reaction in those with sensitive skin and make skin too mushy leading to leached pigment.

Our products are accredited by the Australian Made Campaign and Cruelty Free featuring the Choose Cruelty Free bunny, licenced products that are tested on humans, but never on animals.   

We are an Australian Made dedicated tattoo aftercare range with proven results and glowing reviews from our customers…try for yourself, we promise you will not be disappointed!  

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