If you have an interest in becoming sponsored by Aussie Inked then you need to understand a few things. 
It's not about discounted or free stuff! The people we support are already purchasing, love using our products, and have been chosen as they are a good fit with what we represent as a brand.
A sponsorship is our way of saying thank you for your support and for helping us spread the word about our products.
In fact there are many tattooers out there flying our flags just to show support without any rewards at all!

So if you are genuinely interested:
Buy our products, we offer great wholesale rates for tattoo artists and re-sellers.

If you are already using our products and love using them, then we should be hearing all about it so get started on tagging us in on your posts and we will notice. When we do, we need to like your work and your communication style as we're looking for professionals that represent both our brand and our values. 

If you are interested in applying please click below 

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Tattoo Wash

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