Sustainable Bees Wax supports the future of our agriculture

Minding our own Bees Wax

We sometimes get asked why we've included Bees Wax in our Tattoo Care so I've decided to blog about sustainable sourcing in Australia and the very real problem that exists with our dwindling bee population around the world.
This topic goes beyond the amazing and unique benefits offered by Bees Wax but also the environmental, social and ethical implications of using this by-product of honey production.

A phenomenon known as the Global Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder is spreading throughout the world. Without a solution, we may soon face a food crisis... One way you can do this is by using products that support sustainable beekeepers and their hives where no bees are not harmed in the process and the wax is a by-product of honey production.

Bees produce excess honey in wax honeycombs which can be taken by beekeepers without affecting the colony. These beekeepers use high quality beeswax for casting honeycomb slabs. This is introduced into the beehive and eases a bee’s life as it only needs to maintain the structure of the hive and not build it from scratch all over again. 

After honey is produced and stored in the honeycomb, the bees close the filled comb with freshly produced cap wax. To gather the honey, the beekeeper removes the cap wax and centrifuges the honeycomb slabs. The slabs and cap wax are reused subsequent to cleaning and filtering the crude wax. This harvesting process is highly sustainable and the bees are not harmed and as long as we produce honey the beeswax by-product will be available.

Bees Wax has amazing benefits!

Beeswax is used in many skin care products today including our Tattoo Care.  This special ingredient provides a natural protective barrier against irritants while still allowing the skin to breathe and locks in moisture and very importantly your new tattoo ink.

Research has shown that it acts as a better barrier than other products without the parabens which we all want to avoid. It also offers anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral benefits making it helpful in treating skin irritation after tattooing.

The antibacterial properties found in bees wax that protect against infections are unique. It provides natural pain relief. It soothes itching being an anti-allergenic product which can benefit people with reactive or sensitive skin especially after tattooing with some inks containing irritants, especially reds and yellows that contain heavy metals like mercury or lead or blacks with iron oxides.

Our approach to using bees wax supports the economic viability of farm operations and enhances the quality of life for farmers and our society as a whole.

Our Tattoo Care is Cruelty Free, Sustainable, Honest and Ethical and has accreditation by Choose Cruelty Free Australia. 

At Aussie Inked we believe choosing sustainability to protect the food crops of today and tomorrow is very important as we rely on bees for two thirds of our food production. Last year the USA lost 44 percent of all honeybee colonies and its happening in Europe Australian Bee Farmers now and join us before it's too late!  

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