How to look after a new tattoo

November 02, 2018

How to look after a new tattoo

The initial healing period especially the first few days and week are the most important for your new tattoo, so make sure to take proper care of it. 

We've provided the top must know tips to see your tattoo healing nicely! 

We suggest you follow the instructions provided by your tattoo artist and remove your wrap within 2-5 hours unless otherwise advised.

Always, make sure you wash your hand first whenever touching your tattoo during the healing period. 

  • Try not to disturb your new tattoo while removing the bandage.
  • Do not use loofah's or sponges to wash your tattoo as they can harbor bacteria, scratch your tattoo, irritate it or remove the ink.
  • Wash using a mild gentle soap, preferably free from sodium laureth sulphate and sodium lauryl sulphate as these ingredients which make products foam, can be harsh on the skin.
    Avoid products with parabens, alcohol, gluten and other known synthetic irritants and opt for products that contain calming, soothing antibacterial plant extracts.
  • Pat it dry using a clean sterile cloth. 
  • Apply your Tattoo Care 4-6 times a day or as needed to keep it comfortable.   
  • Do not re-apply your bandage at home 
  • On the first night, your tattoo may weep so place a clean sterile soft cloth or soft towel under it so you don't stain your sheets. 

During the healing period;

  • You may notice a little flaking which may cause you to itch.  Make sure you do not pick or scratch your new tattoo while it's healing. Re-apply your Tattoo Care to keep your skin comfortable and moisturized as needed.
    Our Tattoo Care is formulated to stop itching and does not block pores so you can apply as needed. 
  • Avoid tight clothing that won’t rub or irritate your tattoo 
  • Keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight and avoid sunscreens as they contain irritants which can inflame your skin and disrupt the healing process, and ruin your art.  
  • Avoid soaking in baths, saunas, swimming in pools or the ocean until your tattoo has healed as both can lead to infections and irritation.
  • Remember size matters, the bigger the tattoo, the longer it will takes to heal. Small tattoos usually heal in 2 weeks but large tattoos can take up to 8 weeks or more depending on your health and how you care for it. 
  • Avoid sweaty gym workouts for at least 48 hours. 
  • Avoid alcohol before and after as it thins the blood and it slows down the healing process. If you drink before a tattoo it can excessive bleeding during tattooing and spoil your ink even before it's completed.
  • Try and eat healthy balanced meals to help your body recover faster 


  • Keep you tattoo looking sharp, bright and fresh by applying Tattoo Care regularly and avoid direct sunlight without a sunscreen.
    We recommend applying our Tattoo Care under your sunscreen to protect your tattoo from any free radical damage. It will help keep your tattoo from drying out and help with sun damage if you have exposed your tattoo to excessive sun.  

If you notice any unusual symptoms or changes, like excessive swelling, redness, discharge or fever make sure you contact your tattoo artist or health care professional as soon as possible.  


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