4 Essential Steps to a Healthy Clean Tattoo

4 Essential Steps to a Healthy Clean Tattoo

Just got home with your new oozing tattoo! 

Start your care plan right from day one and keep it as perfect as it did the day you left your Tattoo Artists 

Step 1 - Always, wash your hands first before touching your new tattoo!
Remove your artists wrap and wash your tattoo when you get home removing as much of the excess gooey material built up under the wrap with our gentle antibacterial wash made to soothe and avoid excessive scabbing, that can damage your new tattoo.
It’s vital that you keep your tattoo clear of oozing plasma for the first few days. We recommend cleaning it twice per day and again if you have exposed it to a dirty environment.

You need to maintain a strict clean process for you tattoo for the first 2-3 weeks minimum, depending on the size of your tattoo to protect you from infection.
Avoid soaps containing harsh chemicals, Sulphates, SLS, Parabens, Alcohol and other irritating ingredients that may cause rashes, dry out your tattoo and prolong the healing period.

Step 2 - Wash your hands, run luke warm water and dampen the skin with a little water and apply Soothing Foaming Tattoo Wash, gently massaging in a circular motion, then rinse with a little cool water to close the pores.

Do not use any sponges or wash cloths on your tattoo as they can harbor bacteria. If there are any hardened particles do not pick them from your tattoo.
You will notice a little ink will flow out as you wash your tattoo, but this is normal for the first few days. 

Step 3 - To dry your tattoo, we recommend patting it dry with clean paper towel or letting it air dry to avoid contamination from dirty towels.

Step 4 - Once dry, it’s time to apply your Tattoo Care and keep your tattoo hydrated and moistened throughout the healing period. You can apply it as needed to keep your tattoo from drying out as our Tattoo Care will not block pores and creates an antibacterial barrier that helps to protect your tattoo.
It stops the itching, flaking and irritation making it much more comfortable during the healing period and locking in your ink.

Do not re-wrap your tattoo as it needs to breathe to heal but avoid rubbing it against tight clothing or dirty surfaces, and best avoid the gym, environments where bacterial can lurk such as pools, baths and the ocean.
If you have exposed your tattoo to these types of conditions, then make sure to clean it again as soon as possible.

If you follow these guidelines you should see your tattoo healing perfectly without ink loss or patchiness. Remember you invested a lot of money and time in your art so it pays to protect it during the healing period, and you will be proudly showing it off for many years to come.

Learn More about our Soothing Foaming Tattoo Wash 

Note, if you notice any unusual reaction during the healing period, excessive redness, any discoloured oozy or discharge, rash or heat on the skin, then see your need to see your Health Care Practitioner, as soon as possible.

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