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Helen’s Vision  "My dream was to create unique Australian tattoo aftercare that connects our customers with
the beautiful Aussie outback.”

As an artist and painter myself, I’ve always had an appreciation of the arts, whether it be body art, street art or fashion.  
I’m particularly fascinated with the stories behind peoples’ ink.
Whether it’s the celebration of a relationship, a birth, a special moment in time, an unforgettable location, or simply a way of expressing one’s artistic self, it’s this love of storytelling that inspired me to design the packaging for Aussie Inked.

I wanted meaning behind each of my products which have all been illustrated with traditional tattoo images. Most importantly it was my passion for healthy living, sustainability and product innovation that led me to the creation of Aussie Inked.  My new life motto was the inspiration behind the product names, Life Goes On, Forever & Ever and the tagline ties all products together.

In a sense, it all started while I was growing up, I enjoyed homemade, home grown food, which at the time was just… food. No “organic” label needed!  It was my beautiful mum who taught me to keep things natural and look after my skin and health from the inside out. This planted the seed that saw me switch from a long career in advertising to study natural skincare science. During this time with family and friends getting tattoos, I saw a definite shift in the tattoo industry taking it from sub-culture to pop-culture.

I noticed the industry was evolving and craving natural organic products, yet so many products on the market were still filled with nasty chemicals.  My breakthrough moment came when I discovered that Australia is home to the most effective skin healing botanicals on the planet… this got me thinking, Aussie ingredients with superior skin superfood properties equals great news for tattoos, the environment and our economy!

Helen Sykes

My Philosophy

I believe in the freedom of choice.

If we’re doing no intentional harm, each of us has the right to live our life as we chose without the judgement of others. Myself, I see tattoos as an artistic form of self-expression, individuality and a way of remembering those close to us.  

I believe nature provides us with everything we need.

Nature has evolved over millions of years, so why try and change it? 

I believe in the seasons.

Eating fresh seasonal foods without chemical preservatives. 

I believe that you are what you eat (and what you put on your skin).

Our food and skincare becomes a part of us at a molecular level. 

I believe in the wisdom of past civilisations.

The knowledge of using natural, plant based remedies that has been passed down from generation to generation.

I believe in supporting locally grown and made.

We reduce our environmental impact by avoiding transportation of ingredients to Australia and get to eat fresher food while supporting local businesses & farmers. 

I believe in recycling.

A mix of old and new makes life more interesting and made sure to use PET packaging for all our products.


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